Requirements FOR  Junior memberSHIP: 

  •  Must be 16 years of age to join and can participate until 18 years of age.

  •  Junior members should maintain at least a “C” average in their middle or high school coursework and produce documentation of the same at the time they sign up. 

  • Junior members under 18 years of age must always obtain full permission from the parent or legal guardian to participate in our programs.

  • Junior members report directly to their advisor for all assignments and activities.

  •  Junior members will receive  training in core areas of interest with classes focused on CPR, general fire, rescue, and  fire safety and prevention.

  • Junior members may participate in the following activities:

• Parades or Special Events
• Fundraising Events
• Training
• General Standby
• Fire Safety / Prevention Education and Activities
• Meetings

• Junior members WILL HAVE LIMITED ROLES ON THE FIRE GROUNDS,  well outside of the “hot zone” or operational area.
• Junior members may not operate any fire department vehicle.

Junior members and their PARENT or guardian must sign a waiver that includes full disclosure of risks and releases the department from liability should someone become injured.