Here's a list of all our current members in alphabetical order.

Fire Department Members:

John Babcock‐ Firefighter

Jim Barden ‐ Firefighter

Brad Bennett ‐ Life Member

Rory Bennett ‐ Social Member

Brian Bernard ‐ Social Member

George Breeze - Firefighter/Fire Police

Gary Bidwell ‐ Life Member/EMS

Alex Brown ‐ Social Member

Gina Brown ‐ EMS/Fire Police

Jim Burgess ‐ Life Member/Past Chief/Past President

Dale Carver ‐ Social Member

Tim M Charlebois ‐ Social Member

Tim P Charlesbois ‐ Social Member

Shane Clement ‐ Firefighter

Dan Conklin - Social Member

Jesse Cooper ‐ Social Member

Gina Dermody‐ Social Member

Ryan Duvall ‐ Social Member

Herb Dixon ‐ Life Member

Carlton Eddy Jr. ‐ Life Member

Don Eddy ‐ Life Member

Roger Ford ‐ Life Member

Don Gambell ‐ EMS

John Gardner ‐ Life Member

Patti Gosper ‐ EMS/Fire Police

Kathi Gosper ‐ EMS/FD Treasurer

Terry Hall ‐ EMS/Fire Police

Roger Hawkins - Life Member

Glenn Heissenberger ‐ Social Member

George Heissenberger ‐ Life Member

Jack Herrington ‐ Social Member

Brent Hoffman ‐ EMS/EMT

Joyce Koppmann‐ Firefighter/ FD Secretary/ Fire Commissioner

Peter Koppmann ‐ Chief 70/ Firefighter

Dan Kwarta ‐ Life Member

Harry Lauer ‐ Life Member

Derrick Legters ‐ Firefighter/Training Officer

Joann Long - Firefighter

Pat Long ‐ EMS/ EMT

Brandon MacMillan‐ Social Member

Brian MacMillan ‐ 704 - Firefighter

Mike MacMillan ‐ Life Member

Frank Marianacci ‐ Life Member

Heather Meadows - Firefighter

Abigail Miller - Firefighter/EMT/PRC

Scott Mitchell ‐ EMS

Ben Murnan ‐ Firefighter

Scott Murnan ‐ VP /Firefighter

Steve Murnan - Life Member/President

Marty Neenan ‐ Life Member/Safety Officer

Ron Newell ‐ Fire Police

Dave Norman ‐ Life Member

John Norman ‐ Firefighter

Frank Pipitone ‐ Social Member

Brian Rayburn ‐ Life Member/Asst Chief 703

Rick Rayburn ‐ Life Member/ Asst Chief 702

Vic Rauscher ‐ EMS

Larry Reynolds‐ Life Member

Adam Rogers ‐ Social Member

Dave Sackett ‐ Social Member

Jack Schiller‐ Life Member

Mike Slusser - Life Member

Matt Shaffer ‐ Firefighter

Mike Slusser ‐ Life Member

Bill Smith ‐ Life Member

Corky Smith ‐ Life Member

H Carl Stewart ‐ Life Member

Pat Trapasso ‐ Social Member

Paul Trapasso ‐ Social Member

Jerry Thomas ‐ Life Member

Nelson Thorpe ‐ Life Member

Pat Thorpe ‐ Life Member

Larry Turner ‐ Firefighter

Dick Watters ‐ Life Member/Past Chief

Keenan Whitmore ‐ Social Member

Brian Witz ‐ Webmaster/Ryan White Officer/Historian

Jake Wixom ‐ Social Member

Tim Wixom ‐ Life Member

Mike Woodruff ‐ Life Member

East Bloomfield Holcomb Fire Department
Due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), effective immediately the East Bloomfield Fire District is postponing all Non-Emergency events and activities at the fire station until further notice. This includes ANY regularly scheduled and one-time events scheduled to be held at the fire station at 105 Main St. East Bloomfield.
These precautions are being implemented to help minimize any potential exposure of COVID-19 to our dedicated volunteers who are already at an increased risk of exposure due to their interaction with the public during emergency operations.  Postponing all non-emergency activities at the station will help our volunteers to remain healthy and available to answer emergency calls in our district.  
We will have further communications when these restrictions are lifted, and normal community use of the fire station can resume.
Thank you for your understanding in these new and uncharted times.
 George Heissenberger, Chairman
East Bloomfield Board of Fire Commissioners.

Wes Webb
 Longest Serving Active Member
 1933-1997 (64 years of service)