East Bloomfield, NY

Wes Webb
 Longest Serving Active Member
 1933-1997 (64 years of service)

East Bloomfield Holcomb Fire Department

Here's a list of all our current members in alphabetical order.

Fire Department Members:

John Babcock‐ Firefighter

Jim Barden ‐ Firefighter

Brad Bennett ‐ Life Member

Rory Bennett ‐ Social Member

Brian Bernard ‐ Social Member

Gary Bidwell ‐ Life Member/Fire Commissioner

Jeff Brick ‐ EMS/EMT

Alex Brown ‐ Firefighter

Gina Brown ‐ EMS/EMT/Fire Commissioner/Squad 2nd Lieutenant

Jim Burgess ‐ Life Member/Past Chief/Past President/Historian

Dale Carver ‐ Social Member

Tim M Charlebois ‐ Firefighter

Tim P Charlesbois ‐ Firefighter

Shane Clement ‐ Firefighter

Dan Conklin - Firefighter/EMT

Jesse Cooper ‐ Firefighter ‐ Asst Chief 702

Gina Dermody‐ Social Member

Ryan Duvall ‐ Firefighter

Herb Dixon ‐ Life Member

Carlton Eddy Jr. ‐ Life Member

Don Eddy ‐ Life Member

Roger Ford ‐ Life Member

Don Gambell ‐ EMS

John Gardner ‐ Life Member

George Gleason ‐ Life Member

Patti Gosper ‐ EMS

Kathi Gosper ‐ EMS/EMT/Emergency Squad Secretary

Terry Hall ‐ EMS /EMT//Fire Commissioner

Roger Hawkins ‐ Life Member

Glenn Heissenberger ‐ Firefighter

George Heissenberger ‐ Life Member/Vice President

Jack Herrington ‐ Social Member

Brent Hoffman ‐ EMS/EMT

Jeremy James‐ Firefighter

Joyce Koppmann‐ Firefighter/ FD Secretary/ Fire Commissioner

Peter Koppmann ‐ Firefighter

Dan Kwarta ‐ Life Member

Harry Lauer ‐ Life Member

Derrick Legters ‐ Firefighter / Chief 70

Pat Long ‐ EMS/ EMT/Emergency Squad 1st Lieutenant

Brandon MacMillan‐ Firefighter

Brian MacMillan ‐ Firefighter

Mike MacMillan ‐ Life Member / FD Treasurer

Frank Marianacci ‐ Life Member

Scott Mitchell ‐ EMS

Ben Murnan ‐ Firefighter

Scott Murnan ‐ Firefighter

Steve Murnan - Life Member/President

Marty Neenan ‐ Life Member

Ron Newell ‐ EMS/EMT/Emergency Squad Captain

Dave Norman ‐ Life Member

John Norman ‐ Firefighter

Frank Pipitone ‐ Firefighter/Fire Police Captain

Brian Rayburn ‐ Life Member / Asst Chief 701

Rick Rayburn ‐ Life Member/ Asst Chief 703

Vic Rauscher ‐ EMS

Larry Reynolds‐ Life Member

Adam Rogers ‐ Firefighter

Alyssa Sackett ‐ EMS

Dave Sackett ‐ Firefighter

Jack Schiller‐ Life Member

Matt Shaffer ‐ Firefighter

Mike Slusser ‐ Life Member

Bill Smith ‐ Life Member

Corky Smith ‐ Life Member

H Carl Stewart ‐ Life Member

Pat Trapasso ‐ Firefighter

Paul Trapasso ‐ Social Member

Jerry Thomas ‐ Life Member

Nelson Thorpe ‐ Life Member

Pat Thorpe ‐ Life Member

Kevin Troy ‐ Firefighter/EMS

Larry Turner ‐ Firefighter

Dick Watters ‐ Life Member/Past Chief

Keenan Whitmore ‐ Firefighter

Brian Witz ‐ EMS/EMT/Webmaster/Ryan White Officer/Historian

Jake Wixom ‐ Firefighter

Tim Wixom ‐ Life Member/Fire Commissioner

Mike Woodruff ‐ Life Member