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East Bloomfield Holcomb Fire Department
Due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), effective immediately the East Bloomfield Fire District is postponing all Non-Emergency events and activities at the fire station until further notice. This includes ANY regularly scheduled and one-time events scheduled to be held at the fire station at 105 Main St. East Bloomfield.
These precautions are being implemented to help minimize any potential exposure of COVID-19 to our dedicated volunteers who are already at an increased risk of exposure due to their interaction with the public during emergency operations.  Postponing all non-emergency activities at the station will help our volunteers to remain healthy and available to answer emergency calls in our district.  
We will have further communications when these restrictions are lifted, and normal community use of the fire station can resume.
Thank you for your understanding in these new and uncharted times.
 George Heissenberger, Chairman
East Bloomfield Board of Fire Commissioners.

Wheeler, Fred G. 2/12/1922
Wood, Elmer R. 2/12/1922
Melville, Sterling 6/18/1923
Meehan, George 8/4/1924
Wheeler, Will 1/19/1925
Marshall, Robert 1/18/1926
Caves, Stuart S. Sr. 11/21/1927
Conklin, Donald 2/17/1930
Eddy, Carlton William "Brush" Sr. 2/16/1931
Neenan, Walter 3/21/1932
Webb, Wesley 6/19/1933
Mason, Dr. Leon "Doc" Sr. 10/22/1934
Rubenstein, Karl 10/22/1934
Day, Walter 1/3/1936
Hicks, Camille 1/3/1936
Stewart, Harold 5/6/1936
Eckler, Benjamin 7/6/1936
Richmond, Leonard "Stick" 1/5/1937
Brown, Clifford 5/2/1937
Webb, Harold 11/28/1939
Lincoln, Herman 2/5/1941
Kelsey, Leon 12/7/1943
Wesley, Laverne "Vern" 4/1/1945
Ames, Robert 10/2/1945
Saxby, Lawrence 1/8/1946
McWilliams, Andrew 6/4/1946
Pickering, George 6/4/1946
Ruliffson, Harold "Pete" 6/4/1946
Boylan, Kenneth 10/1/1946
Gilbert, George 10/1/1946
Wilkinson, Deloas E. 10/1/1946
Chapman, Harold 12/3/1946
Dahl, Alfred 3/4/1947
Marianacci, Dominic 4/3/1947
Payne, Alexander 4/3/1947
Wilkins, Earl 5/6/1947
Mason, Jean 11/4/1947
Reynolds, Elmer 11/4/1947
Rudat, Fred 6/1/1948
Collins, James "Jim" 8/3/1948
Becker, Carl 1/4/1949
Saxby, Thomas "Tom" 5/3/1949
Dixon, Herbert Louis Sr. "Louie" 6/7/1949
Norsen, George B. 4/4/1950
Morse, Richard Stewart "Stew" 5/1/1951
Lockhart, Clifford 6/3/1952
Eddy, Carlton William "Will" Jr. 1/6/1953
Robinson, Robert 1/6/1953
Baldwin, Charles F. Sr. 6/2/1953
Mason, Richard "Dick" 6/2/1953
Hawkins, Roger 1/5/1954
Shaffer, Harold 1/5/1954
Gilder, Charles 6/1/1954
Marianacci, Frank 6/1/1954
Morse, Robert Sr. 6/1/1954
Eddy, Donald "Mick" 1/4/1955
Smith, Clair "Corky" 6/5/1956
Thomas, Robert "Bob" 6/5/1956
Wilkins, Richard 6/5/1956
Roy, Robert 1/8/1957
Thomas, Jerry 2/5/1957
Henderson, Robert W. "Dobber" 1/6/1959
Stewart, Carl "Chub" 1/6/1959
Outhouse, Charles 6/2/1959
Blodgett, Vernon 11/8/1960
Orlando, Samuel 9/4/1962
Norman, David 8/3/1965
Gardner, John 12/7/1965
Saar, William R. Sr. 3/7/1967
Bacon, William 4/2/1968
Thorpe, Nelson E. "Nellie" 3/4/1969
Lauer, Harry 9/1/1970
Ford, Roger 5/4/1971
Gleason, George 5/4/1971
Watters, Richard L. "Dickie" 11/2/1971
Woodruff, Michael "Mike" 11/2/1971
Schiller, John 4/4/1972
Dixon, Herbert Louis Jr. "Herb" 5/1/1973
Reynolds, Larry 3/5/1974
Murnan, Steve 10/7/1975
Slusser, Michael L. "Mike" 12/2/1975
Rayburn, Richard R. Jr. 9/5/1976
Neenan, Martin 10/5/1982
Burgess, James "Jim"* 10/4/1983
Daniel Kwarta 12/1/1980
Bradley Bennett 8/2/1981
Bill Smith 1/5/1982
Mike MacMillan 4/6/1982
Gary Bidwell 1/1/2011

Pat Thorpe

Tim Wixom
George Heissenberger
VanBuren, Martin 1/1/1993